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Letter to Editor, Chris Schroth

Dear Editor,

I am writing regarding Senate Bill 238 which would create a way for those without Social Secutiry numbers to get driver's liscenses. This bill addresses a real problem for an important part of the Vermont population. Migrant workers are a vital part of Vermont's economy, especially in the dairy industry. As Phyllis Bowdish, a dairy farmer in Weybridge puts it "Migrant farm workers in Vermont deserve to be recognized for their contribution to VT agriculture."

Currently many of these workers are trapped on farms because of fear of leaving without identification. Others are already driving out of the need from their work or the challenges of living rurally. This would create a path for workers to take a test, understand the rules of the road, and get insurance, making the roads safer for everyone.

I support not only this bill, but all the human rights of migrant workers in our state. As a state we have a long way to go to realizing that we all depend on each other in ways we cannot see or understand. That is why on May 1st thousands of people are coming to Montpelier for the Put People First March and Rally for One Movement fo People and the Planet. Not only is it a way for us to make sure our own needs are taken care of, it also shows us we all are struggling for the same things.  

Thank you.


Chris Schroth, Glover, Vt.

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