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Letter to Editor, Sherry Boudreau

Letter to Editor,

ARC-Rutland Area would like to thank voters for approving funding on your city or town ballots and budgets. Your support helps folks with Developmental Challenges and their families find Advocacy, Resources and Community essential to their functionality and well-being.

This year, ARC is joining the campaign to "Spread the word to end the word".

The "R" word can be hurtful and derogatory so why use it? Unfortunately, it is still in our legal corporate name, even though we rarely use it. The time has come to drop it all together. Federal and State wording has changed as well. This is a delicate matter as we wish to be easily identified by our supporters and consumers. Feel free to offer any input toward this goal. You can write ARC-Rutland Area, 128 Merchants Row, Suite 302, Rutland, VT 05701-5915, call 775-1370 or email Check out our website at /~arcrutland.

Again, we would like to thank our many supporters for their faith in ARC-Rutland Area and for your part in helping folks live as equally-valued citizens in our communities.


Sherry Boudreau, Board President, A United Way member agency

Editors note: The legal corporate name Boudreau refers to is Association for Retarded Citizens - Rutland Area dba ARC

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