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Letter to Editor, Timmie Rome

Dear Editor,

A water pipe burst in the Sherburne Library recently, but thanks to quick thinking and fast action the damage was contained. Gail Weymouth displayed a calm grasp of the situation and with the aid of Heather Grev and Mona Colwell immediately went into action preserving books and materials threatened by the water. George Krantz and Pat Kent also contributed to salvaging the collection.

Thanks as well to Whit Montgomery and his cleaning crew, Pacquette Plumbing for their quick response and to Seth Webb and Mel Adam for their aid.

Last, but certainly not least, our continued thanks to Tom Weymouth for his ongoing help. He has acted as painter, carpenter and all around fix-it man. His contribution to the library is priceless!

On behalf of the Library Board and the users of the library, I offer our gratitude for all the help we received.


Timmie Rome

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