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Letter to Editor, Union membership protects against hardship

Dear Editor,

I belong to Teamster Local #597 of Barre Vt and am still Ex-VP of the Retirees Chapter and pay annual dues. We have reunions that are well attended. In the early '70s Local #597 had enrollment of nearly 1800 members paying dues of 2 1/2 hours pay deducted from each members paychecks. This cost to each member entitled him or her to following benefits: (These were single payer, no strings attached benefits.)

First, job inurance that included major medical full dental cost and partial eye care. Second, we had in place lost pay coverage of weekly benefits after proven sickness under direction of doctors orders. We did not go bankrupt and some teamsters still benefit today.

For those that doubt the worth of this type of system, I encourage you to attend a Green Mountain Health Care Meeting and get the facts from those who know.

Earl W. Ayer, North Clarendon, Vt.

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