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Industrial wind in Vermont is not “green”

Dear Editor,

The enormous power consumed in manufacture, transportation, new roads up the mountain and site preparation can never be equaled by the power produced.

Have its supporters no conscience? Industrial wind in Vermont destroys what is "green." Once the ridgelines are dynamited and made to look artificial, they can never be restored. Vermont will never look natural again. Who will value green, once they live in an artificial environment? Where will they be able to go to find again what they lost in Vermont?

If the destruction of our ridgelines is not stopped, a thousand generations of future Vermonters may curse the short-term selfishness, greed and indifference with which we sold their priceless heritage.

Governor Shumlin pretends to  support "green" while he travels hither and yon burning far more fossil fuel than you and I-and mostly to further his own political future and travel to his second home in Canada. When he says he supports "green," he means on our backs-not his.

No matter how strongly Vermonters oppose the destruction of our ridgelines, the final say rests with the Public Service Board. What has happened that this panel of three can now overrule the voice of Vermonters?

We need really big changes in our State Government, beginning with the governor and the Public Service Board.

Richard Candlish, Florence (West Rutland)

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