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Letter the the Editor

Dear Editor,

Ask State Treasurer Beth Pearce a question about Vermont's finances, and a few minutes later, at least three things will have happened. First, you'll be convinced she knows her job inside and out, and that she knows how to do it very well. Second, you'll know she loves her job and wants to keep doing it. Third, you will probably know more than you ever wanted to about whatever you asked about, unless you are really into State finances. I have experienced this whenever I've been at a gathering where Treasurer Pearce has spoken. This Treasurer is a treasure, and we need to keep her in the November election.

Treasurer Pearce has nearly 35 years of experience in state and municipal finance. She obviously understands the value of smart investments and long-term planning. Thanks to her, Vermont has an excellent bond rating, and that saves us all money because the State can pay lower interest on its bonds. Vote for Pearce in November!

Herbert G. Ogden, Mt. Tabor, Vt.