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Moving in the night

To the editor,

We are soon to see a new specimen of roadkill on our streets.

On Thursday, Sept. 27 I attended a Rutland County Transportation Advisory Counsel meeting in Rutland. Ironically part of the program covered visibility of bikers and pedestrians, especially at night.

Returning home I was proceeding up Killington Road at about 8:30 at night.  Rounding the bend south of School House Road I thought I saw something moving.  At the last moment I was able to take evasive action into the oncoming lane to avoid a skateboarder traveling in the traffic lane wearing dark clothing!  I was still hyperventilating when by by luck I avoided a second boarder.
These individuals have no idea how close they came to be, as you read this, lying in a hospital or a mortuary.

Any ideas out there what can be done to prevent what appears to be a sure future accident?

David Rosenblum, Esq., Killington, Vt.