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Rutland's water filtration bond should pass

Dear Editor,

In November there will be a bond vote on whether to build a GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) water filtration system for Rutland. Vote YES!

The other choice is CHLORAMINE which means adding ammonia to chlorine; so if you're comfortable with that chemical in your water, then Vote NO to the bond.

In 1992, Cincinnati improved its water quality and its public trust by building a GAC filtration system.
The philosophy behind Cincinnati's use of GAC is twofold:

1. "It is better to remove contaminants by adsorption with GAC instead of adding chemicals that might have unintended consequences."

2. "Science is continually identifying additional chemicals in the drinking water supply, often in minute concentrations. While evidence may be lacking that many may pose no significant threat to public health, removing them as an additional benefit of treatment for other purposes is advantageous."

Keep Rutland's water clean and safe to YES in November.

Thank you,
Nick Santoro, Rutland, Vt.