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The Rutland community shares anger and grief after the deadly crash that killed a student

Carly Ferro, 17, was a championship golfer from Rutland High school whose smile and laugh have been widely remembered by her friends and family in the aftermath of her death. Over 200 people turned out at the Rutland Country Club for Ferro's memorial service Saturday, Sept. 29. Since the accident last Wednesday, the greater Rutland community has gathered to share grief and anger over Ferro's death, which many have described as particularly difficult given her kindness and the senseless way she was killed.

Alex Spanos, 23 years old from Rutland, has been charged with four felonies including manslaughter for the death of Ferro after crashing into a row of parked car last Wednesday, Sept. 26. Spanos has pleaded innocent to these charges.

Police allege that Spanos was huffing chemicals from aerosol cans before his car went off the road and plowed into the parked cars around 6 p.m.

The affidavit describes what happened based on witness statements:

"Mr. Spanos accelerated to a speed greater than 30 mph, swerved left, right and went left of center on Cleveland Avenue leaving the public highway, running into a parked car located in front of Discount Foods of Rutland, causing head injuries to the operator Mr. Ferro, crushing his daughter Ms. Ferro's between his car and the cement block wall of the Discount Food building, continuing to accelerate shoving Perro's car several feet south into another parked car and then into a third parked car containing Mrs. Norton and her two small children."

Carly Ferro died from her injuries at the hospital at 8:28 p.m. Wednesday night. Her father, who was in the parked car, was hospitalized with a head injury and released over the weekend.
Spanos was held at the Rutland jail for lack of $200,000 bail.