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Letter to the editor, Vote Eckhardt

Vote for Eckhardt
I am voting for Jim Eckhardt as he has represented the interests of Killington, Bridgewater, Mendon and Chittenden residents better than all of our previous representatives. Jim listens to constituents concerns and, in spite of the supermajority held by the Democrats, he always brings our concerns to the legislature. In addition to the perfunctory town meeting appearance, Jim has attended Selectmen meetings and sponsored constituent meetings with key State personnel to discuss critical issues that relate to his constituents. Jim is always available to answer questions and lead the charge in the Legislature to resolve local issues. As a fiscally responsible business oriented representative, Jim is unfortunately a strong, but lonely (and necessary), voice in trying to get the Legislature to take fiscal responsibility for their tax and spend actions and votes. In attending the debate at the Bridgewater Grange on 17 Oct, Jim was complimented by the Democratic Senate whip for his ability to work together, while all Annie Gallivan had to say was that Jim missed some votes (whose outcome was preordained). Unfortunately Annie's comments at the debate lacked originality and lead me to believe she was not business friendly and would just vote the Democratic party line. It disturbs me how Anne Lezak from Burlington can profess to know so much about our local issues and concerns. Although personally I like Harry Chen, Annie Lezak appears to have the mistaken notion that Harry represented our concerns. She had only to attend our town meetings to realize his actual accomplishments for us. I normally would not have considered a letter to the editor, howe ver, I cannot idly stand by and read about someone from Burlington attack the only representative we have had who i sully responsive to his consituents needs.
~Marty Post, Killington, Vt.
EDITORS NOTE: Annie Lezak is the wife of Harry Chen who was the state rep for the towns of Chittenden, Mendon, Killington and Bridgewater for three terms.


Here Comes the Kitchen Sink Part #1
To all,
In my last email I warned you that the inaccurate information would flow and flow it has. But none the less I promised to always be able to explain my activities as your State Representative and I shall.
In the Mountain Times you will see three letters written from Far Left Democrats who believe in the party above the person (part of the problem). They all accuse me of being out of the Statehouse an absurd amount. They are saying that taking my kids on vacation is really cutting into my duties. Well you be the judge. In 2012 here is the schedule the Majority party sent to the Rutland Herald. They stated I was on vacation during these times. I have included the truth next to it.

1. 2/10/2012    H.R. 15    I was in health care committee conference
2. 2/21/2012    H. 753    Vacation
3. 2/23/2012    H. 756   
4. 2/23/2012     H. 559   
5. 2/23/2012    H. 559   
6. 2/23/2012     H. 559   
7. 2/23/2012     H. 559   
8. 2/23/2012     H. 559   
9. 2/23/2012     H. 559   
10.  2/24/2012     H. 559   
11.  2/24/2012     H. 559   
12.  2/24/2012     H. 559    End of Vacation
13.  4/11/2012     S. 238    In Heath Care Committe Conference
14. 4/17/2012     H. 762    Vacations
15. 4/18/2012     H. 777   
16. 4/19/2012     J.R.S 11   
17. 4/19/2012     J.R.S 11    End of Vactions
18. 4/27/2012     H. 718    I was there and voted on this bill
19. 4/27/2012     S. 202    I was there and voted on this bill. I even spoke on the floor
20. 4/27/2012     H. 781   
21. 5/4/2012     H. 781   

Voted on this bill 3/23/12. This was a conference report. I was in committee See above
"Mr. Speaker: I cannot vote for this bill in clear conscience without first taking a look at how much it's going to cost. I will await the fiscal note".
Oh and IRS II was a joint resolution urging the US Congress to propose amendment to the US Constitution.
So there you have it. We are not going to talk about the issues we are going to make it about nonsense. I took my kids on vacation from Feb. 20 until the 24th and on April 16 until the 20th (8 total days). My family gives up' a lot for me to be an elected Representative it's not a 5 month job but a 12 month job especially in light of Irene, I missed a total of 5 votes and one of those was the Health care vote that had a number of amendments to, including my amendment to move the financing date up to Sept. 2012. I had Rep. Fagan ask that for me. I voted against the bill in committee so nothing more had to be done. Now let's look at what a difference I would have made against the super majority had I been there. These bills all passed on a landslide my vote would not have made a difference in these cases. Why don't they want to talk about the issues?
Please send this around to everyone you know in our district. These last minute false accusations have no place in getting things done for Vermonters.
Stay tuned for part #2 for further enlightenment and as always please reach out with any questions, comments or concerns.
YOUR Representative
Jim Eckhardt