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Letter to the Editor: Moore

Dear Editor,

If you were touched by news reports about Bill and Lou-the oxen who labored for Green Mountain College's agricultural program for 10 years and were to be slaughtered and served in the school's cafeteria-please remember that you can save other unique individuals every time you eat, just by choosing vegan meals.

While Lou was recently euthanized because of a hock injury, Bill's fate is still unclear.  The college may still decide to send him to a slaughterhouse, where he will have a bolt shot into his forehead, be strung upside down, and be bled to death, just so students and faculty members can eat his flesh. His death will be no less terrifying and painful than the deaths of billions of other animals who are killed for human consumption every year. Many of these sentient animals are dismembered while they're still conscious. Others are scalded alive. Just because people like the taste of their flesh.

In honor of Bill and Lou, and all the other charismatic animals like them, please visit and pledge to go vegan for at least 30 days.

Heather Moore, PETA Foundation