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Remembering Dave Brubeck

Several years ago The Mountain Times had the pleasure of hosting one of my favorite musicians at the Paramount Theatre. I first became aware of him as a student at Kent State University while listening to WNOB FM from Cleveland.

I had put together an early stereo FM receiver and distinctly remember his original version of "Take Five" in full fidelity and it knocked me over. I immediately rand out and purchased his first album and over the years came to love all of his music.

When I finally met him in person at the Paramount I came to know him, not only as a great musician, but as a warm and wonderful human being. He played an entire full length concert at age 86 and found plenty of time and energy after the show to mix with the promoters and well wishers.

Nobody did more for jazz and the advancement of great American music than Dave Brubeck. I will be forever disappointed that we didn't get him back in Rutland for an encore performance, but I am happy to say I have a great amount of his music in my audio library... and I will never lose my love of hearing them.