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Manhunt for girl reported missing continued Friday

An unidentified girl reported missing by a 911 caller on Center Rutland's West Proctor Road was still missing Friday afternoon and about 70 first responders continued their hunt.
The girl, described a young white female, age 6 or 7, with straight brown hair wearing a white t-shirt, red skirt, white flip flops and a mood ring, reportedly approached a slow-moving car on the road Thursday night at around 5 p.m.
The girl had physical injuries but the driver of the car could not keep a hold of her and she ran off into the woods nearby, according to State Police Capt. David Covell, head of the state's criminal investigations unit, who held a press conference at noon Friday outside the Rutland Town Volunteer Fire Department in Center Rutland.
Covell declined to describe the physical injuries on the girl and also did not say who made the call, although he did say the caller was identified and was cooperating with police.
Covell said state police, criminal investigators and a multitude of other law enforcers from various agencies include the county sheriff's department and the National Guard were not speculating, at that time, that the tip was a hoax.
A helicopter hovered over Center Rutland, Proctor and West Rutland all afternoon Friday and a command post was set up at the fire department all day with dozens of police cars lined up.
A West Rutland Fire Department trailer hauling an ATV pulled up just before noon.  
Lead investigator Lt. Reg Trayah said it was his job to act like the girl was missing, and try to find her.
All children from area schools were accounted for and no one matching the description was reported missing from a school or home in Vermont or New England.
Police did say they were working with other states to determine if any girl matching the description was missing.
Neighbors near the West Proctor Road neighborhood, however, were speculating Friday, after the search had gone into the 19th hour.
Michael Alexander, 13, and sister Deanna Garrow, 17, from nearby Flory Heights in Center Rutland had taken the day off school to search for the missing girl.
Garrow said neighbors were questioning if the girl reported missing was abducted from California in 2007 because Facebook was spreading information that the mother of the girl kidnapped her and settled in West Rutland.
"I'm not giving up," Garrow said Friday afternoon.

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