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Chaffee Invitational showcases the diverse work of six artists

On Friday May 31, the Chaffee Art Center in Rutland opened a new show in their downtown gallery. The show features six newly juried artists-artists who have been accepted into the Chaffee member program. Their mediums range from digital photography (artist Ian Creitz) to origami (artist Morgan Haynes).

The exhibit, called the Chaffee Invitational, displays art from around the region, including New Hampshire and New York in addition to Vermont.

A crowd of about 80 turned out for the official opening, both art enthusiasts and the artists themselves attended.

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Several of these artists were impressed with both the turnout and the outcome of the piece arrangement. Jane Ann Kantor, featured in this show as a mixed-media artist, said that she was already in the process of completing the pieces that are showing in the gallery before she got the notification that she was accepted. "I'm a self-taught artist," said Kantor. "I wanted these pieces to say something. I worked hard to get these five pieces done for the show."

Lisa May, another artist featured, explained a bit about her creative process. "I've been showing for a couple of years around New England. I love to draw, but so far I've only shown my pastel pieces. All of my pieces are places I've been." Those on display showed scenes in nature as well as the New York City skyline.

Courtney Jean Perry, a staff member of the Chaffee who attended the opening, explained that juried artists receive privileges in the Chaffee program, the most important of which is being able to display their work at select shows in the gallery.

When asked about this particular show, Perry said "hanging a show [as a staff member] is a work of art itself." Figuring out where pieces will shine the most is a daunting task, one that was completed mainly by Perry and Margaret Barros, the executive director of the Chaffee Art Center.

The show will be hanging at 75 Merchants Row in Rutland until June 26.

Katrina Sabochick is a freelance reporter for The Mountain Times.