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Killington Softball League

1: Vermonsters 3-0
2 TIE: Clearly Moguls 2-1
 McGrath's Irish Pub 2-1
4 TIE: Phat Italian 1-2
 Killington Meadows 1-2
5: Heavy Hitters 0-3

KILLINGTON - History was made last Wednesday night. For the 1st time ever, both teams at the same field were shut out. It also marked the first time this season that the "home team" has won a game. The Vermonsters beat the Phat Italian 21-0, handing them their worst loss ever. Rollie pitched a gem of a game, limiting the Phat to a measly two hits. Big Shawn added two homeruns to his league leading total. He did suffer a "Cold Beer K" looking but that was the only blemish. Coach Justin had one leave the yard and the Vermonsters added two more to reach the five limit early in the game.

The Phat didn't help their cause with multiple errors, one of which was when 3rd baseman Jimbo Cassineri, shortstop Dan Muller and left fielder Colin all went for a short fly ball and all let it drop between them.

Since the Heavy Hitters scored six times in their first game, they have been shut out 58-0 in their last two. Clearly Moguls had a stellar performance against them with a 28-0 historic win. The Hitters went down 1-2-3 in the first but C.M. scored six. The Hitters put a scare on C.M. in the second when they loaded the bases with two outs. They were one hit away from the "win" but Megan Mowery suffered the "Cold Beer K" and C.M. got out of the jam. She wasn't the only "CBK" that inning as Phil "Big Daddy" Obrien went down looking. C.M. added three runs in the bottom of the second but saw Jackie Blue suffer a big "CBK." The Hitters never got on base again and C.M. only did not get on base in the third. The Hitters infield, led by Mild Megan Poljacik, put together a strong defensive effort that inning. They even added another "CBK" this time to Jared "Jrod" Hall who went down looking. If you're on Clearly Moguls and your name begins with a "J," you struck out that game. C.M. blew the game wide open in the 4th and made history in the progress when they scored 19 runs with a historic 15 with two outs.

They hit through the order twice and Jrod, Ronzoni and DJ Dave all scored twice with six RBI between them. Brett "Goodbye Jinx" Regimbald turned on the wheels for a 3-run inside-the-park homerun to go with his 3-for-3 hitting with a walk and four runs scored. Coming out of retirement was Scott "Scooter" Watelet who went 4-for-4 with 3 runs scored. Once again it was Ronzoni who was "En Fuego" pitching a three hitter with five "CBK's" and recording 11 of the 15 outs.

McGrath's got their second win in a row, another hard fought close one, with a 9-6 win over Killington Meadows.

Monday, June 10
Vermonsters vs. McGraths @ Bridgewater 5:50 p.m.       
Clearly Moguls vs. STF @ Bridgewater 7 p.m.
Phat Italian vs. Heavy Hitters @ Killington 5:50 p.m.                   
Wednesday, June 12
Vermonsters vs. Clearly Moguls @ Killington 5:50 p.m.   
STF vs. Heavy Hitters @ Killington 7 p.m.               
McGraths vs. Phat Italian @ Bridgewater 5:50 p.m.