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Congrats, Proctor All-Stars!

Save the date! The Proctor Free Library presents Tom Joyce "One World, Many Magical Stories" on July 6 at 1:00 p.m. Let's go on a hilarious magical journey around the world and see what fun we can have. Venture to Italy for some "Pizza Magic" at Mama Mia's Pizzeria. Travel to Germany and be amazed by "The Lady from Luxenburg."

The June 27 Proctor Selectboard meeting minutes were posted for viewing. Here are the highlights. Invited guest, Randy Dapron, of Casella Waste Management  presented the final contract for curbside collection of trash and recycling. Dick Norris made the motion to accept and execute the contract as presented. The motion was approved. Abigail Freidman, Vermont League of Cities and Towns, presented a proposal for assisting the Selectboard with the search for a new Town Administrator. The Selectboard scheduled a special meeting to further discuss the proposal. While discussing the highway department Vincent Gatti made the motion to contract with the Vermont Department of Corrections for routine mowing, with the exception of the pool, for the 2011 season. The motion was approved. Susan Feenick made the motion to award the East Street sidewalk project to Gary Freeguard. The motion was approved. The contract is for $17,160. Later Lloyd Hughes made the motion to have Rick Anderson, Lloyd Hughes, and Todd Blow meet with Donald Des Pierre, Jr. to make him an offer of employment with the Proctor Highway Department. The motion was approved.

During the Board of Water Commissioners they discussed the Contract 1 East Side Distribution System Improvements. 1) Lloyd Hughes made the motion to approve and execute pay request #2 for $49,569.63. The motion was approved. 2) Smith presented options for restoration of upper Olympus Road and recommended the Board opt for an aggregate surface with geotextile and postpone paving until Contract 4. This option will require road closure during the winter. In the engineer's opinion, this is the best technical option as well as the lowest cost option at an estimated $23,151. Vincent Gatti made the motion accept the engineer's recommendation regarding the interim restoration of upper Olympus Road. The motion was approved.

During additional items discussed The Selectboard confirmed their former decision not to accept any electronics for disposal at the Proctor Transfer Station effective July 1, 2011. Modifications will be made to signage at the Transfer Station and attendants educated on how to advise residents regarding disposal of electronic devices. Also Vincent Gatti made the motion to post the job announcements for a Transfer Station Operator and Transfer Station Assistant as written. The motion was approved. The job announcements will be posted around town and on the municipal website at

The Proctor Rangers baseball team's season came to an end last Wednesday when they suffered a 11-6 loss to the Rutland Titans. Zach Bates was the starting pitcher and at the end of 3 innings the score was tied 3-3. He was also the hot bat going 2 for 3 with a single and a double. The Rangers were hitting the ball well but the Titans were swallowing up everything with great defense. The Titans took a one run lead in the fourth but Derek Almond did a great job of keeping them to just one when the bases were loaded. It was the bottom of the fifth inning when the Titans broke away scoring 7 runs. The Rangers looked prime for a come back in the top of the sixth inning scoring 3 runs with only 1 out and the bases loaded. The inning ended when the Titans converted a double play off a Zach Jalbert hard hit line drive to second and then they doubled up the runner on first. M.J. Denis went 1-2 with a single. For some of the players the season is over but congratulations to Derek Almond, Zach Jalbert, M.J. Denis and Zachary Bates who all made one of the two all-star teams that will be competing in the Proctor tournament a couple of weeks from now.

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