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Mendon Ponders Surplus

At the June 27 meeting of the Town of Mendon Selectboard the 2010-2011 year end surplus was discussed. There is an anticipated year end surplus of approximately $140,000 in large part due to the collections of prior year's delinquent taxes. The Selectboard will request monthly financials and quarterly reports from the Treasurer's Department.
Under Public Comment, T. Pratt attended the Selectboard meeting to express a few of his views. First, he cautioned the Selectboard about how they handle sex offenders locating to Mendon stating that they have more rights than law abiding citizens. Mr. Pratt expressed that he disagreed with the Selectbaord analysis of replacing the plow truck and supported an eight year replacement schedule. Mr. Pratt also expressed that we shouldn't pay for the Rutland City Fire Department when they respond to power lines down. T. Pratt supports our local Constable versus contracting with the Rutland County Sheriff's Department.
Under Old Business, high risk Sex Offenders were discussed. The Selectboard finalized and signed a letter to Governor Peter Shumlin, Senator Patrick Leahy, Senator Bernie Sanders, Representative Peter Welch, Secretary Doug Racine, Vermont Agency of Human Services, Commissioner Andrew Pallito, Vermont Department of Corrections, Senator William Carris, Senator Margaret Flory, Senator Kevin Mullin, Representative Jim Eckhardt, The House Committee of Corrections and Institutions, the Senate Committee on Institutions and the Joint Corrections Oversight Committee regarding locating a High Risk Sex Offender in Mendon.
Regarding Helvi Hill Road and Sherwood Drive, Bill Ellis presented 4 locations on Sherwood Drive that could be used for water exiting the roadway. The problem of water runoff and sediment from Helvi Hill Road, a private road, was discussed. The Weitzenkorn property is located at the corner of Helvi Hill Road and Sherwood Drive. Greg Smith and Larry Courcelle will meet with Weitzenkorn to discuss potential solutions. A hydraulic engineer  will be used to determine the best solution to handle the water.
Regarding Woodward Road signage, some of the residents of Woodward Road have requested no additional posts be installed to hold signs. Bill Ellis believes that he can properly sign Woodward Road in accordance with the 2009 MUTCD without installing additional posts.
Regarding the Town Shop, The Selectboard reviewed the historic evaluation of the Town Shop submitted to them by the State of Vermont Historic Preservation. The report outlined immediate repairs to stop the deterioration of the historic building. The Selectboard also discussed the general maintenance of the building that will require re-grading the back portion of the building to get water away from the foundation. T. Adams noted the sills are rotten under the building. The Selectboard will work with the Mendon Historical Society to see if there are grant funding available.
Regarding the Town Office, the Selectboard discussed painting the trim of the Town Office and that fully painting the Town Office can wait a year or two.
The Salt Shed was next on the agenda. The requests for proposals have been sent for the repairs to the Salt Shed foundation. The proposals will be discussed at the next Selectman's meeting.
Under New Business, the Town Shop lease was discussed. G. Smith met with Adi Staudinger to discuss the rental lease for the Town Shop. Mr. Staudinger requested similar terms, a two year lease and adding his daughter's name on the lease. S. Tully will prepare a new lease for the Selectboard to review.
The Management Academy Individual Development Plan was discussed next. S. Tully is currently attending the Vermont Local Roads Management Academy. As part of her individual development plan she has identified the retention of Selectboard documents as a project. S. Tully will be developing a procedure for the retention of Selectboard documents.
 Next, the bulk purchase of street signs was discussed. In accordance with the 2009 MUTCD, street name signs on roads 35 mph and less need to be replaced by January 2012. A large number of street signs were replaced with the 911 town-wide re-numbering project. Regulatory signs, i.e. stop, yield, weight posting signs need to be replaced by December 2013. The Rutland Regional Planning Commission is coordinating a bulk purchase of regulatory signs. The 2011-2012 budget allocated $3,000 for signs. B. Ellis will determine the remaining street signs to be replaced to determine what regulatory signs will be replaced with the 2011-2012 budget.

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