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Sherburne Fire District Bond Vote November 1

After exploring several options for necessary capital improvements at the Sherburne Wastewater District #1 Wastewater Treatment Facility, the governing body of the District, the Prudential Committee, opted to go forward with a bond vote on November 1 asking registered voters living in the Sherburne Fire District #1 to consider a $1.1 million bond for necessary improvements.

The District's so-called "Minimum Recommended Improvements Project" addresses operational problems including influent pumps and rail systems; clarifier piping issues; RBC covers, stop gates, effluent weir gates and effluent trough; and effluent flow measurement.

The refined project, which includes only those work items most critically needed for continued successful operation of the Fire District's existing wastewater treatment plant, would cost owners of Fire District Equivalent Residential Units (ERUs) an additional $68 per ERU per year.

The November 1 bond vote allows for design and bidding over the winter for construction in the summer of 2012.

More information about the project is available on the Town of Killington's website under Community Organizations/Sherburne Fire District. Members of the Prudential Committee, Red Glaze, Chris Karr, David Rosenblum, Ken Root and Domenic Chiarella, are also good sources of information about the proposed project.

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