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Town of Killington Selectboard Meeting Highlights 10.13

Storm Recovery

State Roads: Route 100 North and South are now open, and it is reported that 107 will be open by winter but not paved.

Town Roads: Work on East Mountain Road is progressing rapidly and on schedule for two passable lanes by November.  Culvert and shoulder replacements on the side roads off East Mountain Road are underway.  Stage Road & Ravine Road culverts will be replaced next spring, due to the design, permitting and custom manufacturing time needed for replacement structures.

Flood Damage Prevention Regulations, which are necessary for participation in the National Flood Insurance Program, were discussed by the Planning Commission at their meeting on October 12.

Real Estate Tax Deferment: A special vote on the question of delaying the imposition of the 8% penalty on delinquent property taxes from November 11 to December 11 will be held until October 25. Absentee ballots are available in the Town Clerk's Office. If this measure is approved by voters, taxes will still be due in full on November 1, with outstanding tax payments not received by November 11 subject to interest charges of 1 - 1.5%. An affirmative vote on this article simply delays the application of the 8% penalty on delinquent taxes until December 11.

Economic Development & Tourism Department

The Killington Hay Festival received a lot of press in Boston and other areas around the northeast. Dock Dogs National Championships took place October 7-9.  The new Economic Development & Tourism Commission held its first meeting on September 29, and elected Jeanne Karlhuber as its Chairperson.  The Commission discussed the department's goals and strategies.

For events: maintain and grow the events that they have developed; work to make smaller events self-sustainable; reduce in-house production with partnerships or outsourcing; and focus efforts on recruitment of additional large, multiple day, reoccurring events. 

For marketing: focus on marketing our profit centers: golf, weddings, events and seasonal promotions/foliage; create co-opt programs with participating businesses; and identify and consolidate shared services of marketing, design/graphics and communications for events, golf course, recreation and library.

2012 Budget:

The Board discussed major drivers for the 2012 budget process, including road repairs and recovery from Tropical Storm Irene, the golf course debt, the 2011golf shortfall, and the sunset of the Killington Resort payment agreement. The Board then had a preliminary discussion of guiding principles for the 2012 budget process, focused on the central theme of living within our means and having a balanced budget. The Board's work on the budget will continue at its next meeting on October 18.

These Highlights are based on my observations of Select Board meetings. The Select Board Highlights are intended to be a short summary of Select Board meetings to help communicate matters pending before the Select Board in a timely way. The Select Board Highlights are not comprehensive minutes, and are not reviewed or endorsed by the Board before they are distributed.

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