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News briefs from the Lakes Region 12.29


Castleton made the switch to single-stream recycling not long ago. So have a number of other Vermont towns. Casella has a new Zero-Sort plant up and going. Fair Haven town manager Peter Hathaway has proposed his community take advantage of what seems to be a growing trend, presenting the select board with a draft implementation plan.

It makes recycling easier for many, without the dilemma of which discard to put where.  Consumers are more likely to recycle, Hathaway says.

The idea came to the board via selectman Tim Langlois, who happens to work at Casella Waste Systems, speaking as a private citizen. Others in town want to be sure that a switch - if made - is not made too quickly or without sufficient consideration. The select board is currently gathering information to enable making an informed decision.

Now, the town brings in a small income from recycling, which would disappear if single-stream becomes the rule. Disposal fees must therefore increase and modifications are necessary at the town transfer station.


Thanks to Poultney High students Cory Mears, Tyler Pitts, and Shannon Rupe and para-educators Sandy Miller and Matthew Pratt for helping out at the Poultney Food Shelf.

Congratulations to varsity basketball player Ali Jones on her recent shot that took her to that rare category, the 1000-point shooter.

Fourteen members of Mr. Holliman's public speaking class recently had the chance to try their talents on students at Poultney Elementary. They were sharing stories from around the world with students in kindergarten through third grade.

If you missed the production of 30 Reasons Not To Be In A Play, PEGTV 20 airs it six times in late December and early January; it's also online at the station's web site.


Congratulations to Judith Carruthers, Castleton's director of career development, who illustrated the recently published children's book Tucker Tales, Puppy Art. Carruthers is well known on campus for illustrating her newsletters that help students find jobs.

The Vermont Geographic Alliance moved its back to Castleton from St. Michael's College. A formal collaboration among Vermont pre K-12 teachers, college educators, the National Geographic Society, and others interested in promoting geographical literacy in Vermont, the VGA welcomes new coordinator Scott Roper, who leads the organization through the strategic planning phase and on into capacity building.

Do you know that two Vermont State Senators are teaching courses for the History Geography Economics and Politics Department. Rutland Senator John Bloomer Jr. teaches courses in Economics and Political Science, while Windsor County Senator Richard "Dick" McCormack teaches Political Science.

Prof. Adam Chill received an Advanced Study Grant to travel to Ireland in May/June of 2011 to gather materials for an Irish history course he taught this fall and to prepare to take a group to Ireland the next time he teaches the course. He plans a student trip for spring 2014.



Saturday, Jan. 7 - Peggie Marrs Bauman is guest speaker on the topic Finding Ourselves Again: How We Can Change the Direction of Our Nation, by Honoring Each Citizen and Acknowledging Our Collective American Dream for Castleton quarterly breakfast at Trak-In Restaurant. Please reserve space by Wednesday, Jan. 4. Call Al Gustafson, 273-3954, or Gary Turgeon, 265-2237.

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