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CVPS will soon begin installing new SmartMeters in Killington - but you may need to install a new time clock!

KILLINGTON - The new SmartMeter technology will affect CVPS customers with "off peak" electrical equipment, specifically those Rate 11, Rate 13, & some of Rate 9, such as hot water heaters, electric heat, & storage heat. There are many condominiums, townhouses, and residences in Killington that have Rate 11 & Rate 13 off peak equipment. Essentially, a time clock will need to be installed to turn the equipment on during off peak times & off during peak times, something that the current metering equipment automatically does.  

Currently, CVPS is planning on installing smart meters in Killington this winter, most likely near the end of February. The time clock should be installed before your meter is changed to prevent you from being billed the peak rate for your heat & hot water. (Rate 6 & Rate 3 domestic hot water customers will not need to take any action.)

PLEASE NOTE: There is a $300 rebate coupon for the time clock installation which was sent out with the notification from CVPS. In most cases, this rebate should cover the cost of installing a time clock.

Call CVPS for more information, 1-800-649-2877 or

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