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Grandpa’s Knob Wind Farm project briefing

The wind power development on Grandpa's Knob Ridge, which runs from West Rutland and Castleton to Pittsford and Hubbardton, is moving forward quite well and may apply for permits from the Public Service Board which needs advance notice. There will be a power line in West Rutland, across the wetlands and into the Velco substation.

The project is looking at using the north six miles of the ridge. The hang gliding venue in the area is not affected. The project proposes 15 to 20 turbines, 40 to 50 mega watts of power. The amount of electric produced would be about the equivalent of half the homes in Rutland County. It is likely that within the next few days or weeks an announcement will be made about an arrangement with the Vermont Utility and the output of power.

Anticipated jobs include a 6-month construction period with a large number of construction jobs, mostly temporary jobs but 1-3 permanent jobs. Each turbine stands 420 feet high and has three blades, 110 feet long. The cost of each turbine is approximately $3-4 million.

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