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Mendon adopts new pay structure for town employees; budgets pass

The Select Board, with the assistance of Town Administrator Sara Tully, devised a plan to separate the salaries among three employees of the town office - clerk, treasurer and bookkeeper/office manager. State Auditor Tom Salmon has urged towns to separate the clerk and treasurer positions after the recent surge in criminal activity among treasurers statewide.

Mendon position of clerk/treasurer has now been separated. Jeff Bradley will remain the treasurer for the next year and Gail Buck (a write-in candidate) was elected town clerk with 158 votes, compared to contenders Susan Adams, 52 votes and Stephen Cosgrove. 49 votes.

The town will provided a base wage or stipend for the town clerk and the town treasurer, reflecting a minimum workload. New salaries have been set for office staff. Town employees will get additional compensation for additional work done, as requested by the Selectboard. A similar arrangement was devised for the road commissioner and constable.

Also approved was Tropical Storm Irene reserve fund for the town to use to pay off Irene expenses of about $1.5 million and collect reimbursements from state and federal governments. The town town is currently working to complete 21 projects.

Voters approved the school budget of $2,265,979 - a decrease of $70,926 from the current $2,336,905 budget. The town also approved the administrative, infrastructure and public safety budgets.

The total tax rate for Mendon homeowners, education and municipal, is $1.61, up 5 cents for the past year.

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