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Rutland water and sewer to be shut off for those left unpaid

Water bills to Rutland City and Town users and Sewer bills to Alpine users were mailed at the end of March for the bill due May 1.  Rutland City Treasurer Wendy Wilton is advising anyone with a previous balance on their bill to pay the amount due by the May 1 deadline for the current bill to avoid being placed on the shut off list. Any previous balance is noted on the bills before the current amounts due.

The first round of shut offs, targeting utility customers who had a payment agreement with the Treasurer but failed to maintain it, will begin April 17.

Customers who are facing shut offs are notified by mail well ahead of the shut off dates.  If no response is received by the noted shut off dates, then the Department of Public Works proceeds to mark the valve and shut off water service to the building.

According to Wilton, "Our outreach to the public and our first round of letters to those who did not keep up the agreements has brought in significant amounts of money due the City. During the last month the City recouped over $130,000 in delinquent utility bills. With our shut off notifications in May we hope to bring in $300,000 in delinquent user fees."

Wilton suggests ratepayers not wait to pay the overdue amounts and address at least some portion in April before the due date so that the current bill due in May can be paid in full.  The Treasurer's office and the Department of Public Works will be staging the shut off list over a six week period, after the due date of May 1.

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