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Rutland students provided realislism in scenarios for the 38 officer candidates at the Vermont Police Academy

(Pictured) New Brandon PD Officer Michael Winkler interviews Stafford Techncal Center Students Megan Barber and Kayla Temple, both from Rutland HS, in a scenario involving youth and alcohol in a car

RUTLAND-Seventeen SADD members from Stafford Technical Center, all of whom are members of the Public Safety Services Program, recently assisted the Vermont Police Academy by acting as enactors in the final scenarios for the basic class for full-time police officers.

The Vermont Police Academy certifies full-time police officers based on successfully completing the course of study as well as passing both written and practical examinations. Candidates were being tested in a variety of scenarios, including a landlord-tenant dispute, a domestic dispute, a car stop scenario, a shoot/don't shoot scenario, an underage drinking scenario, and a physical control and restraint scenario.

The students were actors in four simultaneous scenarios where the recruit had to make a car stop where there were three or four occupants, played by the students, some of whom were instructed to act as if they had been drinking. The officer candidates had to determine what the incident was, control the situation, issue the appropriate paperwork, collect evidence and do an investigation to determine the source of the alcoholic beverages.

The police officers were evaluated by an investigator from the Vermont Department of Liquor Control, who also advised the students what their roles were. The investigators, Steve Waldo, Ladd Wilbur, Jason Elmer, Tom Curran, Mike Davidson, and Bill Manch, also provided the students with possible behaviors to manifest-extreme intoxication, being argumentative, being whining or running away, for examples.

Three of the officer candidates will be patrolling Rutland County: Officer Jeff Warfle of the Pittsford Police Department, Officer Michael Winkler of the Brandon Police, and Trooper Walter Ribiero of the Vermont state Police.



(Pictured) Pittsford Police Department Officer Jeff Warfle interviewing Logan Clark of Rutland, Colton Benoit of Leicester, and Dylan Goad of Castleton in a scenario involving an outdoor party involving youth and alcohol

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