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A lady’s chance to sing

Ladies' Night Out Women's Choir is starting up fall rehearsals on Sept. 18 for performances the weekend and Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Women who would like to join the group should contact Director Lucy Allen Tenenbaum for a chance to do some "Musicking" (music making in the 21st Century.)

"This is not an audition but an opportunity to sing together and find out where each voice fits in the choir. All voice parts are needed to fill out the choir," writes Tenenbaum.

Heidi Soons, VSO Harpist, will accompany John Rutter's Dancing Day Cycle. Other music includes a Shape-note song, and several with African Drums. Jacob McLaughlin will again be the group's rehearsal accompanist, and will also play in the performance. A sing-along group will also be part of LNO this season.

This Advent Program is structured so each singer can choose what part of the music she wants to sing, and participate accordingly. "If you've wanted to sing with 'the Ladies' this is the season to try us out," continues Tenenbaum. "If you've started the choir before only to find it too challenging, consider trying us again. Some of the music will be taught by rote, with no sight-reading. Singers of all levels will find something in this semester's music that's just right for them!"

The new approach to choral singing comes from conductor Lucy Allen Tenenbaum's Master in Music Education courses at Kansas University that she took this summer. An inclusive community choir is the goal. There will be a select section of the choir, but not all singers need strive for that level. Women of all ages are welcome. Musicking will include some solfege (do- re-mi etc.), drums and other percussion instruments, some choreography and a whole lot of fun. "As always, the focus of the group is about meeting new friends while making wonderful music," Tenenbaum adds.

A $25 fee is requested from each singer for choir expenses. For more information call Lucy Tenenbaum at 802-775-8004 or 802-342-8348, or email