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Killington Elementary School news briefs

2012-2013 school officers
Congratulations to the following 2012-13 Student Council Officers: President, Will Crompton; Vice-President, Maddie Rieger; Recorder, Maggie Rice; Treasurer, Owen Coates.

iPads in our school
The recent "iPad Initiative" at KES, spearheaded by parents, Peter Phelps and Jim Haff, raised $5,000!

This money combined with $3,000 earmarked for the iPad Initiative allowed the school to purchase sixteen iPads for student use, enough for a complete class of students to use at any one time. Teachers and students alike are excited about the new learning opportunities the iPad brings to the classroom. A very special thank you goes to Peter Phelps, Jim Haff, and all those who donated to this initiative.

Fire safety
In honor of National Fire Prevention Week, members of Killington Fire and Rescue visited with Killington Elementary School (KES) preschool, kindergarten, first and second grade students last week to discuss how to avoid fires and to make sure children are prepared to escape should a fire break out in their surroundings. Discussion centered on what to do in the event of a fire.

Parents, we can't emphasize enough the need for children to know the physical address of their home. With the use of cell phones today, the dispatcher will rely upon the caller for this information.

We thank the following members of Killington Fire and Rescue for educating students about fire prevention and safety: Assistant Fire Marshal, Lieutenant Bill States, Captain Mark Fiore, and Firefighters Ron Ottino, Sabina Schulz, Deb Burke, Armin Raffei.

Science NECAP scores arrive
Fourth graders throughout the State of Vermont participated in the New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP) Science Assessment last spring. NECAP Science assesses students' content knowledge in the areas of physical science, Earth and space science, and life science. Teachers use test data to determine future curriculum and instructional needs. Professional development and professional learning community meetings in our school have focused upon science inquiry and writing in science as we constantly strive to increase our students' knowledge base in all areas of science.

The NECAP Science scores indicate that 73% of Killington Elementary fourth grade students reached proficiency in the science assessment this year, compared to 51% statewide.

With a small group administration, test variability from one year to the next is a likely occurrence. Therefore, KES educators review and analyze test scores over a three to five year span to determine instructional needs and supports both for individuals and for groups of students. Individual student test results will be shared with parents at upcoming parent/teacher conferences.

Starbase Vermont
Killington Elementary School fourth graders' recent participation in Starbase Vermont supports the fourth grade curriculum in an engaging manner and builds upon student learning from earlier years. The mission of Starbase is " raise interest and importance of knowledge and skills in youth and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)." Starbase provides an exciting hands-on, activity-based curriculum involving STEM, personal development, team building, and healthy choices. Established by the Vermont National Guard in 1994, Starbase receives federal funding from the Department of Defense. We thank fourth grade teacher, Maria Garland, for organizing the Starbase experience for our students each year.

A cosmic sense of space
From the small scale of microscopy to the larger scale of astronomy, sixth graders discovered the varied scales of viewing their place on Earth. Throughout the week of September 24, KES sixth graders joined fellow sixth graders from throughout the supervisory union to collaborate as they analyzed and synthesized the cosmic sense of scales.

Two questions were explored during the course of the week: How does your perception of a place change when you observe that place on different perspectives or scales? How do lenses expand our understanding of the universe and help us make connections? Each day students learned to look at the world in new and fascinating ways- from microscopy to astronomy to photography. Many thanks to the folks at Marsh Billings and to our sixth grade teachers throughout Windsor Central Supervisory Union for offering this program to our students.

Candy drop for Halloween in Pittsfield
Do your children trick or treat in Pittsfield? KES families have been asked to help the Pittsfield families living on the Green by contributing candy for the many Halloween trick or treaters who visit that neighborhood. There will be a drop-off box here at KES for your contributions. This marks the second year that the Roger Clark Memorial Library has organized some help for the families who make Halloween so much fun in Pittsfield. It is the first year that KES has participated with a candy drop here at school. We're hoping those of you who do not give out candy at home on Halloween will provide some for the families in Pittsfield who do. For more info, contact or call Marion at 746-8876.