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Ice Out contest begins Saturday

The Killington-Pico Rotary Club Ice-Out contest returns to the Summit Pond, formerly the Grist Mill Pond. The object of the contest is for the ticket purchaser to guess when the ice will 'go out' on the pond. The moment of Ice-Out is determined when a 72-pound concrete block (housed in the Ice-Out Hut) drops through the melting ice in the spring. A timing device determines the exact moment of Ice-Out. Each guess is $5.

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The Killington-Pico Rotary Club each year engages in several fundraising projects. The proceeds from our fundraisers help to support local, national and international charities.

In 2010, the Ice-Out occurred on the morning of April 15 at 11:13 and 53 seconds.

In 2011, the Ice-Out occurred on the afternoon of March 19 at 4:47 and 16 seconds.

The Killington-Pico Rotary expect to deploy the sales boxes around 12-noon on Saturday, Nov. 17. Tickets will be available thereafter. The sales boxes can be found at The Foundry at Summit Pond, The Sunup Bakery, Domenic's Pizza, The Killington Deli, Sushi Yoshi, The Summit Lodge, Peak Performance Ski Shop, Liquid Art, Pasta Pot, and The ForeRunner Ski Shop.