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News briefs from Killington Elementary School

The New England Common Assessment results (NECAP) indicate that students at Killington Elementary School (KES) continue to perform very well. This test is administered statewide to students to measure individual school's progress under the federal No Child Left Behind Act. At KES, we also use assessment results as one indicator of individual student progress over time. Testing is done in third through sixth grades over several days.

In the area of reading, 92% of KES students performed in the proficient and proficient with distinction categories, compared to 73% statewide. When we take a closer look, 51% of KES students scored in the proficient with distinction category, this compares to 20% statewide.

In the area of mathematics, 85% of KES students performed in the proficient and proficient with distinction categories, compared to 65% statewide. Again, a closer look indicates that 47% of KES students performed in the proficient with distinction category, compared to 21% statewide.

In addition to the reading and mathematics assessments, fifth graders were assessed in the area of written language. According to results, 100% of our students performed in the proficient and proficient with distinction ranges, compared to 51% as a statewide average.  Again, a closer look indicates that 64% of KES students performed in the proficient with distinction category, compared to 14% statewide.  

Small schools must interpret scores from year to year with caution, as tests are statistically unreliable in small group administrations. The NECAP is one piece of data, among many, worthy of consideration when evaluating the success of a school. However, solidly for the last eight years, KES students have performed exceptionally well on the NECAP assessment.

Let us recognize and applaud our teachers' expertise and perseverance in providing a high quality education to all children. Let us also commend so many of our parents for working with us in a team effort for their own children and for those they take under their wings in many and various situations.

Individual student test results will be mailed home at the end of the month.

Killington Elementary School was selected to represent schools across the state by participating in the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). NAEP, given by the U.S. Department of Education, tells us what students in the United States know and can do in specific subject areas. Results are published in a report card called The Nations' Report Card, which provides reliable student achievement information to educators, parents and other citizens.

On Jan. 30, Killington Elementary School's fourth graders took part in NAEP.

Local law enforcement officers, Lieutenant Charles Cacciatore, Sargeant Mark Perkins, and Town Constable Whit Montgomery, joined the KES community for a safety drill last week. All three officers felt that the drill went smoothly and effectively, and children and staff follow a solid plan. We expect to continue with drills in the presence of law enforcement officers throughout this year as we analyze our procedures and make determinations about needs.

On Monday, Feb. 11, the Killington Elementary School sixth grade class went up to The Killington Grand Hotel to see a presentation from two former contestants from the hit TV show, The Biggest Loser, Jackie and Dan Evans, a mother and son duo from Biggest Loser Season 5.  The Biggest Loser Dan and Jackie lost a total of 225 pounds and changed their lives forever.  They talked about how they were overweight before the show and weighed a combined weight of 500 pounds, and how the show helped change their lives.  They learned to eat right and exercise.  The Evans announced that the Biggest Loser Run-Walk, a half marathon in Killington, will be coming to Killington on July 28.  The goal is to help our population stay fit.  Sixth graders received free tickets for the Run - Walk and the Kids' one mile Fun Run Race.  We can't wait to participate in this event!
A community "Thank you"

By Quinn Alper, KES 6th Grade President
We thank Seth Webb, Killington Town Manager, for including KES in the media event and are grateful to our volunteer parent drivers, Britt Crompton, Jamie Segarra, Michelle Coates-Girard, and paraeducator Patty MacLauchlan for transporting the 6th grade students.

KES students participated in jubilant dance as they joined the Second Line Parade on Fat Tuesday in the KES gym. KES thanks John & Michelle Durney (and their band) for immersing us in the culture of Mardi Gras' music, costumes, and dance.

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