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Castleton revamps for spring

With spring just around the corner, the Town of Castleton is looking to make some improvements for area residents. Continuing projects are aiming towards completion, new projects are emerging and applications for grants and bonds are being generated.

Officials from Vermont Fish and Wildlife met on site at Grady Bridge to discuss design options for fishing platforms. Steps are being taken to establish needed construction permits for the project that will start in late spring. The estimated cost is $560,000 and currently $101,000 in reserve funds have been set aside. A structures grant will be applied for later this month for an additional $175,000.

At Dewey Field, the highway department will install wooden posts to replace the existing phone polls used as a guardrail.

Breaks in the sewer collection system located on Route 4A as well as Route 30 have prompted an upcoming meeting regarding its replacement and expected budget. The existing pipes are over 40-years-old.

The Committee on Fish, Wildlife and Water Resources has proposed a bill to Vermont Legislation in which property owners on Lake Bomoseen would be required to get a permit from the Agency of Natural Resources in order to make cosmetic changes to lakefront properties. The bill aims to protect the states lakes. In the future, the town may need to establish local regulations in order to control land development. Town officials and local representatives remain in communication regarding the bill.

Green Mountain Power and FairPoint Communications recently assessed utility poles along Creek Road that provide service to 253 customers. The pair discussed relocating the service underground to prevent future outages caused by storms; however, it was found that the change posed too many obstacles.

A USDA Bond will be applied for in the upcoming months to renovate the town offices at 556 Main Street and or construct a new building to house fire and emergency personnel.

This year's town report came in at just $169, completing the work in-house allowed the cost to be kept low.
Select board meetings are held the second and fourth Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at the town office.