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News briefs from Killington Elementary School

Beginning kindergarten, a milestone in the lives of children and their parents, signals the onset of academic and social expectations in a more formal setting. At Killington Elementary School (KES), we have steps in place to make the transition a positive and affirmative experience for each child.  Our kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Knipes, begins by asking preschoolers to visit her classroom.

Those children who do not attend the Preschool at Killington may participate in registration activities to meet Mrs. Knipes and tour the school. Kindergarten registration is scheduled for Wednesday, April 24th. Please contact the school, at 422-3366, to make an appointment. Bring your child's original birth certificate and immunization records. We look forward to hearing about your child's unique characteristics and inviting parents to become a part of the school community.

What would we do without you?

Our children benefit enormously from your generous gifts of time, energy, and creativity. You help us sustain our programs and you enrich the learning environment. You give children support when support is needed. Please join us to celebrate all that you do for us. A special volunteer luncheon will take place on Wednesday, April 10, immediately following the 11 a.m. KES Talent Show.

We promise you will have fun at Family Math Night. Many of us grow up with trepidation whenever faced with tricky math problems. We promise you that your feelings will soon change! Come with your family and join us on Tuesday, April 30 for Family Math Night with 'funtastic' presenter, Tom Schersten, and enjoy free pizza, compliments of the KEEPERS.

Thank you to our Spring Fling Breakfast workers, food donators, the KEEPERS (the KES Parent Group) and all those who joined us for a fun-filled community gathering. Many families attended and expressed appreciation for this community event, which doubled as a fundraiser, raising close to $400 for the school. We truly appreciate all of the preparation and the work done behind the scenes to make this event a success!   

A school calendar will help you when planning family vacations next year. School absences, due to family vacations, cause students to fall behind unnecessarily and experience stress and anxiety upon the return to school. Planning family vacations during the school's scheduled vacation weeks will help your child experience greater success in school. Please coordinate family vacations with regularly scheduled school breaks.

By Maggie Rice                
Thirty-two students participated in the student council sponsored Math-A-Thon this year, collecting $1,333 for St. Jude's Hospital. Students worked hard on their math books and want to thank the sponsors who donated money for children who have diseases and need cures.

The Math-A-Thon booklets teach kids math in a fun and friendly way. While children are learning, they are helping children in need. Congratulations KES!

On Friday, April 12, the Student Council is asking each class at KES to dress in an assigned color.  Do your best to dress head to toe as follows:

Kindergarten & Grade 1: Purple
Grade 2: Brown
Grade 3: Orange
Grade 4: Red
Grade 5: Green
Grade 6: Blue


By Jamie Sudol, school nurse
April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. It is a time to increase awareness about the safety of our nation's children and take time to love, respect, and communicate with our own children. Child abuse has always existed, but increased coverage by the media, and new legislation has brought the issue to the forefront of the public's attention.

What can you do to help reduce the incidence of child abuse in this country? First and foremost, establish a trusting relationship with your children and engage in open, honest discussion about healthy sexuality and relationships. If children know the facts, and learn how to trust their instincts, they are less likely to fall into the traps of abusers.

Have a conversation about adults your child feels he can trust. Discuss the meaning of "private" and "secrets." Explain that adults should not ask children to keep secrets. Always be aware of with whom your child is spending time. If your child is away from home, is he under the supervision of adults you know and trust? These are some basic strategies for helping keep children safe.

Please refer to the "STEP UP" child abuse prevention booklet that was sent home earlier this year for more detailed information.
National Child Abuse Prevention Month is another great time to do something special with your child that lets you reconnect and lets them know how much you love them. This can be as simple as taking some extra time to snuggle up and read together. Make some popcorn and have a family movie night or take out the Monopoly board and have a nice long game together. Spending quality time with your child is the best way to let them know they're special. Let's take this month to celebrate our children!


Snowshoe photos by Jessie Boudreault