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Base Camp Outfitters Disc Golf: Competition, terminology and a party crowd

KILLINGTON - It has been an interesting couple of weeks for the disc golf world in Vermont. I did not think I would be playing Disc golf in my ski clothes a week ago and then playing in 80 plus degrees last weekend! But, one of the reasons I love Vermont is that cold weather seemed to kill all of those black flies!

As far as the leader board goes, all I can say is that it is taking some time for someone to stand out and take the number one spot. It did look like Pat M was going to take a commanding hold of number one with his great play all week long, including an ace on 18. But come Sunday everything changed as Pat M moved down to number two. There have now been eight number one tag holders and there are still so many members who could jump up to steal it too, this year. As of now, here's where it stands:

Leaderboard: Top 10 tags
1. Jeremy M.
2. Pat M.
3. Dave L.
4. Mike M.
5. Justin
6. Wes
7. Mike L.
8. Spencer
9. Pete G.
10. Clark
… and holding the infamous DFL tag is Dave P.

BCODG did have a few bachelor parties come and play this week. BCODG very much welcomes groups like this, including birthday parties and family reunions, and they had a great time out on the course.

Obviously, disc golf is different than "ball golf" in many ways. In our bags, we carry discs instead of clubs. We are not restricted to a certain amount of discs in our bag and we measure distances in feet vs. yards and have a much different lingo all together.

Therefore, this week, I thought I would start to introduce some of the terminologies to those who are not familiar to disc golf. Many of these phrases were born here at BCODG and are now used throughout the DG world. Simple sayings you would expect like, "nice throw" vs. "nice shot" but others are not as obvious. If you decide to give disc golf a try here are a couple phrases to make you feel "in the know."

"Nice bid" is also a DG phrase for nice shot.
"Tree Love" is used when your disc hits a tree and is redirected back to a favorable location.
"Tree-Nyed?" is when your disc hits a tree and is redirected to a non-desirable location.

That is it for this week at Base Camp Outfitters Disc Golf. Come join us to see why Disc Golf is the fastest growing sport in the world. Lessons are available upon request.