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The Laymon Legacy: Soccer is all in the family and all at Green Mountain College

The Laymon Legacy
POULTNEY - All in the family. At first the term only applied to a shared passion for soccer, but that term can now be applied to the legacy the Laymons are creating by their collective attendance at Green Mountain College.  Starting this fall all three of Larry and Rebecca's children; Ryan, Nate and Maegan; will be enrolled in or will have attended GMC creating a strong representation for the city of Ilion, NY.
Ever since they were young, Larry and Rebecca Laymon's three children have been involved in soccer.  Ryan, their oldest child, was exposed to the sport when he was six. He took part in youth soccer while his younger twin brother and sister stood on the sidelines and watched.  Nate and Maegan, through watching their older brother, would both become interested in soccer as well, but interestingly it was not the first sport the two boys had aspired to play.
"I can always remember wanting to play football," said Nate.  "But my mom said it was too dangerous to play."
Larry confirmed that it was indeed Rebecca who persuaded the boys to play futball instead of football.
For Maegan, soccer immediately became and remains her favorite sport.
"I have been playing since I was four and have loved the game since then," said Maegan. "My passion for the game keeps growing every time I step onto the field. Soccer has taught me a lot about life, from working with people, to being a strong leader, and knowing what it feels like to be successful."
Part of that success Maegan mentions came last year when she was a member of the 2012 Mohawk Valley Community College NJCAA National Championship team.
While winning a national championship fulfilled her extracurricular interests, Maegan's experience within the classroom was not what she expected which led her to begin exploring other majors and other institutions. It was not until late in the spring that she decided to change her major to Psychology and transfer to GMC.
For three years, Ryan had played soccer and enjoyed a life at college apart from his twin brother and sister.
"The previous coach is a big part of why I was attracted to Green Mountain," related Ryan. "He was enthusiastic about the program and had a great attitude that was geared towards winning and getting the most out of us as players. The campus also had a great feel and made me feel [at home]."
In his senior year, however, Ryan was no longer the only Laymon on campus as his younger brother Nate joined him at GMC as a freshman. For Nate the choice was easy; Green Mountain had his intended major (Natural Resource Management) and the College also recruited him out of high school for the soccer team.
Adding to the Laymons who will have attended the College is Maegan who this past spring transferred into GMC for her sophomore year.
Seeing an opportunity to have enrolled all three of the Laymon children at GMC, the admissions office was happy to help admit the final member of the sibling trio.
"When we learned that Maegan was interested in attending GMC, we were genuinely excited to assist her and her family and extend the legacy of Laymons attending Green Mountain College," said Allison Cota the Senior Associate Director of Admissions. "The admissions team worked closely with Maegan throughout the application and enrollment process to ensure her goal of attending college alongside her twin brother Nate came to fruition."
A recent Sustainable Business graduate, Ryan won't be at Green Mountain as a student to see his twin siblings compete on their respective soccer teams, but he believes it is a great opportunity for them.
"It [will be] good to see my siblings go to GMC and have the opportunities that I had, especially on the soccer field," said Ryan.
The bond that twins share is usually strong whether that is in terms of friendship or the innate connection between one another. Last year was the first time in their lives that Maegan and Nate had gone to different schools. Now that Maegan has transferred to GMC, they will once again be together at the same school and look forward to the experience.
"Being at the same school as Nate will be fun," said Maegan.  "We'll be there to help each other and just hang out.  It will be like living at home again, just without our parents around."
Nate echoed his sister's enthusiasm saying, "I think that it is very exciting to have my twin sister attending Green Mountain.  I did miss her my freshman year. I can't wait for her to finally be on campus and begin enjoying the GMC lifestyle as much as I do. I feel [that] we will compete with each other on and off the field."
As with any siblings, there is to be competition, but the Laymons have thrived on that competition and have put it to good use on the soccer pitch.
"For my brother, sister and I soccer is a way to push each other," said Nate.  "I feel this has made us [into] better soccer players, and is why we continue to get better.  We always offer advice to one another no matter how mad or frustrated we get; it always helps us to get better at the game."
Larry and Rebecca shared the same sentiment, relating that when it comes to soccer their children have always supported each other.  That was quite evident when both Ryan and Nate arranged their schedules so that they could watch Maegan and her team's journey to the NJCAA championship last fall.
The parents also shared that they are thrilled to have the twins both study at Green Mountain.  They can continue to easily coordinate their attendance at both of the twins' games, just like they did during Ryan's senior and Nate's freshman seasons.
With all three children now having been in its academic system at one time or another, Green Mountain is proud to be able to say it can help provide the medium to keep soccer all in the family for the Laymons.