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Killington Elementary School news briefs

Sixth graders explore a cosmic space
From the small scale microscopy to the larger scale of astronomy, students discovered the varied scales of viewing their place on planet Earth. Throughout the week of Sept. 23, KES sixth graders joined fellow sixth graders from throughout the supervisory union to collaborate as they analyzed and synthesized the cosmic sense of scales.  
Two questions were explored during the course of the week: How does your perception of a place change when you observe that place on different perspectives or scales? How do lenses expand our understanding of the universe and help us to make connections? Each day students learned to look at the world in new and fascinating ways - from microscopy to astronomy to photography. Many thanks to the folks at Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Historic Park and to our sixth grade teachers throughout Windsor Central Supervisory Union for offering this program to our students.  

Stargazing at the horizons observatory
The Horizons Observatory at Pomfret Elementary School invites you to participate in stargazing. This beautiful observatory on Pomfet's campus hosts free public stargazing tours by knowledgeable docents using telescopes, binoculars, and naked eye observation throughout the year. To ensure clear skies for these events, a "short notice" email (24-30 hours before the event) is sent out to all those on the Horizons Observatory notification service.  To be included visit click on "blog" type in your email address in the space provided, and click "Submit." We thank Pomfret educator, Rob Hansen, and Pomfret's docents for inviting us to participate in their stargazing tours.  

Spartan Kids   
Nearly 100% of KES students participated in the kids' Spartan Race at Ramshead in Killington on Saturday, Sept. 21! While the kids raced, volunteer parents and teachers manned the Killington Elementary School "Hydration Station," doling out water, lemonade, and hot chocolate to Spartan racers. Funds earned will go to the Sherburne Education Foundation to help support and enhance learning opportunities for our children. Thank you to everyone who made this day a success, especially Joe and Courtney Desena, The KEEPERS (parent group), and all of the parent and school volunteers able to join us on this day.  

Student assessment approaching
Killington Elementary School (KES) students in grades three through six will soon participate in the New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP). Reading and mathematics are the main areas of focus in this assessment. Written language is an additional focus for students in grades five and eight. Please encourage your children to put forth good effort during these assessments.
Parents can help. Make sure your child has adequate rest and a good breakfast every day, and especially on test administration days. Please mark your calendars for Oct. 7-17, with fourth and fifth graders beginning on Oct. 7, and third and sixth graders beginning Oct. 8.

Science NECAP Scores
Fourth graders throughout the State of Vermont participated in the New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP) Science last spring. NECAP Science assesses students' content knowledge in the areas of physical science, earth and space science, and life science. Teachers use test data to determine future curriculum and instructional needs.
NECAP Science scores indicate that 91% of Killington Elementary School fourth graders reached proficiency in the statewide assessment, compared to 48% statewide. With a small group administration, test variability from one year to the next is a likely occurrence. Therefore, KES educators review and analyze test scores over a three to five year span to determine instructional needs and supports for both the individuals and for groups of students.
Individual student test results will be shared with parents at upcoming parent/teacher conferences on Nov. 11.

Congratulations to Student Council Officers
KES students recently elected the following Student Council Officers: Maddie Rieger, President; Maggie Rice, Vice President; Aili Johnstone, Treasurer; and Lilly Holding, Recorder.
Summer Enrichment at KES  
Killington Elementary School students had a great experience this summer at school! Students spent their days working on their summer reading and math assignments, as well as enrichment activities such as taking a virtual field trip to the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, Georgia. Fourth, fifth, and sixth graders also painted the garden boxes, studied boats and buoyancy, and constructed homemade rockets. Thanks to parents for helping make summer session a success!