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Over Easy’s closes

Ron Ferro

Owner and father of Carly Ferro says “it’s time to move on”

By Juliette Kapitan

CUTTINGSVILLE — Twenty-one years ago Ron Ferro was walking along the beach in Florida throwing around names for his new restaurant in Cuttingsville, Vt. He tossed around names like
“Sunny Sides” and “Scrambled” before settling on “Over Easy’s,” aptly named after his favorite type of prepared egg. He had been in the restaurant business since the age of 16, growing up in Long Island.

Ferro opened the doors in 1994 with the intention of serving simple yet delicious breakfasts and lunches. With tourism and faithful locals fueling his business, Ferro became a staple within the community. He offered signature dishes like Ron’s Triple Berry Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast and his Insane Hussein Chili. Patrons found comfort in his food and the laid back and welcoming environment.

“Over Easy’s personifies what life in Vermont is about,” said Penney Jelley-Johnson, an employee and close friend of Ferro’s for 17 years. “Over Easy’s was more than just a restaurant it was a town meeting place where people met for good food, camaraderie and friendship… laughter was always present.”

When asked about his decision to close, after enjoying such success, Ferro’s answer was simple and straightforward. “It’s time,” he said, “time to move on.”

Saying goodbye to the restaurant also means moving away from some ever-present, cherished, but difficult memories associated with the restaurant. As the three year anniversary of the devastating tragedy that claimed his 17-year-old daughter Carly Ferro approaches, he reflected on summers with Carly at the restaurant — his most treasured memories. Carly so badly wanted to become a waitress, often shadowing waitresses as early as 13 years old while washing dishes, he said. She began waiting tables as soon as she was old enough and for many days over several summers it was just her and her father in the restaurant.

Carly Ferro’s life was commemorated purple ribbons that continue to line Stratton Road and parts of Main Street in Rutland. On Sunday, May 31, a golf tournament at the Rutland Country Club was held in her honor. Golf was a passion she shared with her father and a passion Ron Ferro plans to fully engage in with his new free time as well as travel, and spend time with his fiancée.

Ron Ferro sold the restaurant to new owners Greg and Donna Ganzer, who plan to keep the building as a restaurant. While it will no longer be Ron Ferro peering from behind the grill with a warm and welcoming smile, the cozy dining room will remain and a new chapter will begin.

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