Coronavirus updates

$450,000 has been donated to Woodstock Area Relief Fund

Funds are still available to those in need

The Woodstock Area Relief Fund (WARF) has received more than $450,000 in donations and has already helped 148 households representing 418 individuals in the Windsor Central Supervisory Union.

The funds are being used by families struggling due to the Covid-19 crisis.

“I’ve been trying to handle this situation with a lot of humor (because the alternative is too bleak), but it’s really heartwarming to know that I live in an area that cares about their residents. It means so much to me,” said one recipient.

The aid can be used to assist with expenses such as rent, food, basic household needs, and child care.

“This is an enormous weight off our shoulders as parents. It has been getting harder to cut corners with all the uncertainty with employment,” said another recipient. “Not compromising wholesome eating is a cornerstone in our home, and this literally saved us from having to make the decision whether to let the bills pile up to be able to buy healthy food.”

It’s also providing peace of mind to our neighbors, many of whom have never needed assistance. “This gift and the connection with you has allowed me to breathe a little easier,” a recipient told us. “Just knowing that I’m part of a community that steps up in this way fills my soul and gives my head the spark it needs to fight and hope for the better days ahead.”

To apply for aid visit: For more information email:

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