Column, The Movie Diary

Movie Diary: The Grudge

Resolving to be better I had a conversation with some coworkers recently concerning New Year’s resolutions. Their opinions ran the gamut from not caring at all to caring very much about resolving to do one or many things differently in […]

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Column, The Outside Story

Chipmunk Game Theory 101

Two chipmunks vie for seeds on our front lawn. One lives directly underneath the bird feeder. Another hails from the far side of the house, address unknown. The chipmunks appear identical to me: same size, same stripes. Same interests, namely […]

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Column, Tree Talk

Tree Talk: Subnivean space

Even the sound of that word stirs the imagination. Perhaps it describes deep outer space full of new uncharted stars, planets, and asteroids. Nope. Look closer to earth because subnivean space, as owls, red foxes, coyotes, and even house cats […]

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