Enjoy a renewed sense of confidence

Every few years, the old chestnut of the 13th signs gets re-opened, leading everyone to think their star sign has changed. It hasn’t. While sharing the same name, the constellations and the Zodiac are not the same thing.
Around the time that ancient sky priests were observing correlations between earthly matters and celestial events, the seasons of spring, summer, winter and fall were fairly aligned with the constellations. As the centuries ensued, it became apparent that there was a discrepancy between the zodiacs. Due to the Earth’s wobble, there is a shift of approximately one degree every 72 years, so now the two zodiacs are approximately 23 degrees apart.

Around the 1st century BCE, some astrologers continued to use the constellations to draw their symbolism from, while others, adopted the tropical zodiac – the zodiac we all know and love today. The tropical zodiac is based on the sun/earth relationship, a.k.a. the seasons. These are more stable, so the precession of the equinoxes, or, the continuation of the Earth’s wobble, does not affect your star sign.
This week is a quiet week, with minimal planetary activity. That being said, a New Moon in Cancer and the Sun’s entrance into Leo bring strength and support. A renewed sense of confidence may help you nurture an important dream or goal.

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