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Horoscopes for April 27 – May 3, 2016

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Horoscopes for April 27 – May 3, 2016


March 21 – April 20

You have landed on your feet after what looks like a long stretch of pressure and uncertainty. The next leg of the journey is as much in the hands of fate as everything that led you to this place. As life sets itself up for your next lesson, all you have to do is show up and maintain enough cool to pass whatever the test involves. If you could see the way the planets are aligned, you would know that no matter how simple or complex your life has gotten, you are being given a chance to reclaim it. You know what’s at stake. Stay clear. The next few months are pivotal.


April 21 – May 20

You could back off, and still bring enough pressure to bear on this situation to make your point. Driving a tack with a sledge hammer rarely works and you could use your energy for things that have more to do with your future than they do with the past. The need to put someone in their place has worn out. Side issues that have to do with the fact that all of the above has shot you in the foot are making you wonder if it would be wiser to befriend your enemies. Your errors in judgment have called up the need to forgive and forget. Lighten up. It’s totally OK to let go.


May 21 – June 20

You have had it up to here with more than a few things. Surrounded by people who aren’t in the mood to look at themselves, the level of dysfunction is straight out of daytime TV.  Why is it that hardly anyone is willing to go to the mat when it comes time to own up to the truth? You’re so done with pretending to go along with the program you don’t even care what happens. Creative separations and a little solo activity are in order. Some time out will give everyone a chance to see who they are and what they want. Don’t exempt yourself from the rigors of self examination.


June 21 – July 20

Be patient with the part of you that needs to stay on top of everything. There’s a fine line between patience and control. Right now, you can’t fool yourself into thinking that your ‘magic touch’ is going to make everything turn out alright. Faced with bottom line issues and nuts and bolts stuff, you need to get real before you can begin to connect the dots. Your ability to be totally honest is what’s being tested. It comes down to regrouping and dispensing with all of the people, places, and things that suck up your time and stand between you and having a life.


July 21 – August 20

You are so ready for something else. It’s quite clear that your time has come. If it’s about work, it’s probably time for a raise. If it’s about other things, to put it in a nutshell, you’ve paid your dues. Those close to you have been benefiting from your greatness of Spirit for far too long; don’t expect them to suddenly wake up and take your needs into account. This is one of those times when you’ve got to stand up and say: “Enough already; it’s my turn!” There are irons in the fire. Heat them up and get moving. The rest of your life is waiting for you to go out and get it.


August 21–September 20

You are so good at keeping on, keeping up and showing up with your dime ready, no matter what is going on. At the moment what is second nature to you has you feeling like you’re sleep-walking through life. At the same time, the inside story is totally turbulent, and full of more emotion than you’ve had to deal with in a long time. Spinning in opposite directions has put many of you in an altered state. As you navigate the schedule and stay on track, something else is there; keep your eye on it. These inner rumblings are clues, there to guide you. Be open to them.


September 21 – October 20

You’re coming out from under the weight of what looks like an emotional, 10-car-pile-up. In the wake of stuff that has overturned you internally, the externals are either an ideal distraction, or, they’re too much to deal with. As the week unfolds, more than one thing will come along to nudge you closer to your center. There is no other place to go. From what I can see, what lies up on the road ahead is going to require ‘all of you’ to be there for it. The emotional weight? As the work at hand progresses you will begin to come to terms with the forces that have stirred up your heart.


October 21 – November 20

You aren’t in a position to rush into things. It’s fine to see the writing on the wall, but between the logistics and your emotions, you can’t be pressured or pushed. The way things have changed, it’s hard for you to know if you’re reading the signs correctly or if you’ve lost your mind. Others may not know what to make of you and that is part of the problem because what you think they need or expect complicates your ability to be truthful with yourself. God knows who made it so hard to be honest in this dimension but before you can go forward you need to tell it like it is.


November 21 – December 20

You don’t have time to get into it with people; it’s not your style to get too psychoanalytical; you’d rather go to the movies. For the next few weeks your life is going to be about keeping things light enough to get the job done. Your entire being wants to give itself to whatever the task requires. Other people need to know this. You may need to keep reminding them to get off your back, because your ability to multi-task should not require you to take on them and their stuff. Keep up the good work. You can resurrect your truer passions when things settle down.


December 21 – January 20

Things are looking ambiguous. Life is either coming together in a big way, or, you’re wishing you were anywhere but here. (If you’re OK with things, you can skip your prediction and go out for recess.) If you’re having a tough time, it comes down to being in one of those scenarios that looks totally perfect, but for some reason it doesn’t feel right. Those close to you are euphoric over it, but you see things differently and can’t bring yourself to bust their bubble. You can let things slide—or you can speak up and say that their pipe dreams could turn into a nightmare.


January 21 – February 20

The people and situations that have needed you most are taking good care of themselves for the time being. You would be wise to follow suit because in a few months all of your energy will be taken up with more demands to prove yourself on every front. You face decisions that will see you questioning the benefits of expansion versus contraction. They will be easier to make if you approach them from the standpoint of making the most of what you have and capitalizing on what is already in place. It’s time to recalibrate your perspective. If you can do that you will flourish.


February 21 – March 20

Life has put you in the hot seat and you are either rising to the occasion or you’re imagining the worst and praying for a miracle. Others are oblivious. Don’t waste a minute expecting people to turn into something they are not. What’s up to you would be less of a deal if anyone had bothered to give you a template, or some instructions for it. As you get accustomed to the fact that what’s on top of the stack is entirely up to you, you will begin to see who’s who. Lots of heavy duty liars and posers have shown up to test your will and offer you an advanced course in discernment.

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