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Horoscopes for November 7th – 13th, 2018

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Horoscopes for November 7th – 13th, 2018


March 21 – April 20

After a long period of tension, and questions that have made you wonder if it’s safe to take risks, you’ve gotten the signal to go ahead with whatever needs to come next. The fact that it took this long to get up the guts to make a move tells me that you’re on the right road. If you thought it was all over, you are about to find out that this is just the beginning. As the next few months reveal the truth about where you’re headed, you will find yourself in situations that open the way to being more than just a puppet or a pawn for people who exploit your brilliance for their own ends.


April 21 – May 20

Well, you are in the thick of it. This is one of those free-will moments where the chips will fall according to the choices that you make. Yes, all of this was destined to come to a head. The gap between what the fates have in store for us, and what we do about it when the time comes, is where we find out what we get to live with. Under tremendous pressure to “stick to the plan,” the deeper part of you is screaming to be released from what is expected. Will you have the guts to challenge those who have no clue? Or will you find it in your heart to rise up and ‘Just say, No?’’


May 21 – June 20

Before you buy in to the thought that you’ve got it all figured out, be just as aware of the fact that anything can happen. Hopefully you are well prepared for the unexpected – but God help you if you’re not. It would be naïve for any of you to think that you’ve reached the point where it’s safe to fall asleep at the switch. Over confidence and blind optimism are worse than doubt at times like this. I suspect that your personal life, and whatever it is that makes it worth living, will continue to take a back seat to the need to hold your own on the front lines of whatever’s at stake right now.


June 21 – July 20

Too many things to consider has you in a bit of a fog, with multiple variables making it hard to focus. When things get like this it helps to prioritize. Letting the small stuff take care of itself and knowing when to say no to people and things that are extraneous makes it easier to zero in on what’s important. Many of you are on the fence about issues that involve your investments. With more than you bargained for at stake, the fear factor is adding tension to your outlook. These investments in people and places, or money and things need to be sorted out by or before the Solstice.


July 21 – August 20

You think that you know more about people than they know about themselves. In a situation that requires more time, huge amounts of compassion, honesty, and in some cases diplomacy, it does no good to be a know-it-all. Not to disparage your level of awareness, but right now, it would work better to err on the side of humility, and make room for people to show you who they are before you make assumptions that have nothing to do with them. At times like this the ego needs to take a back seat long enough for whatever you’re so sure about to be replaced by the truth.


August 21 – September 20

You’ve gotten so set in your ways, it’s hard to see that you’re stuck somewhere between what isn’t working, and what your soul needs. Expecting others to go along with the program, or getting lost in the thought that there is no way out, will box you in until you stretch your mind far enough to see that bigger changes are necessary. The geographic cure might cut the mustard, but, “wherever you go, there you are,” and the primary issue will continue to gnaw at your backside until you deal with whatever it takes to transform what has lost its luster into a whole new plan.


September 21 – October 20

Halfway between one thing and another, try taking a deep breath before you carry on. As much as you like to keep the wheels greased, and the train running, you are not a machine. Plans that have been on hold since the summer are ready to fire up, but only if it’s absolutely necessary, and depending on whether or not they are still relevant. Experience and time change things. The events of the last few months could easily have shifted your priorities or your point of view. If it makes more sense to postpone things, or drop them all completely, give yourself permission to do so.


October 21 – November 20

You just woke up to the idea that you can’t keep up appearances and/or that you have had it with what life on the treadmill has to offer. It’s hard to say what hit you, but something has reminded you that time is short and you can’t stay stuck in this groove forever. Moments like this are where we get a little closer to the truth. When they arise, it’s best to slow everything down long enough to reflect upon what’s really going on, underneath the surface of ambition and pride, just long enough to ask yourself what you’re really here for, and what your truer purpose is all about.


November 21 – December 20

You’ve got some wind in your sails and the potential for many good things to be coming up roses. Check in to look at what was up in your life about 12 years ago; because whatever’s going on right now is bound to resemble whatever was going on then. If there is a connection, try to see whether or not you need to remain tethered to those circumstances and/or choices, or if it would behoove you to get into something new. If you let your instincts be your guide and trust your higher self to show you the way, your wildest dreams could pan out within six months’ time.


December 21 – January 20

This is looking pretty bizarre. Maybe you should pinch yourself and ask God if recent events have come to pass just to test your sanity. What to do next is a good question. Even though you are under numerous constraints, you have wound up in a situation that will make it easier for you to come to terms with yourself. Others can’t have a problem with it because it’s one of those times when fate has conspired to make you the only one who can handle this. For now, do your best to act like a grown up and let those who can’t live without you figure out how to deal with it.


January 21 – February 20

You are in the middle of a huge turnaround. Things that aren’t working have reached critical mass, and if you haven’t already figured it out, it’s time to change your tune, your location, or your approach to things that for too long have been subject to the standard prescription. There is no need to get nervous. At times like this it comes down to getting in touch with what’s real for you. The fact is, that after years of working with the wrong prescription, you have reached the point where your truer calling is ready to override the belief that you need to stick to the plan.


February 21 – March 20

It would be easy for anyone to wonder how you keep it all afloat. As everything melts into a vortex of variables it will help you to notice that there are a few things that are going well. You’re still here, for starters; and the craziness of the last two years is about to turn a corner. This is either feeling good or bad depending on whether or not your denial mechanisms have kept you in the dark. Those of you who have been able to stave off forces that will not take no for an answer are a lot better off than those of you who have yet to confront the issues that lie sleeping at the heart of the matter.

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