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It could happen to anyone

Dear Editor,

There but for the grace of God goes John Bradford…

Allegedly a mid-16th century statement from John Bradford in reference to a group of prisoners being led to execution. Essentially stating “it could have been me.”

That is all I can think of as I watch this town tear itself asunder over “a party.” The recent cluster of Covid here in Killington is just a taste of what has been going on in the rest of the country and world. And while I am sure we would all like to think this is the only incident that we are ever going to have of Covid locally, does anyone really think that will be the case?

I’ll take that bet.

All of us in the hospitality business are taking this risk daily.

Pointing fingers about who did what and where is not going to fix the problem. All we can do is take every precaution that we can and try to keep going to make the best of this situation. No business owner or individual is sitting there rubbing their hands together, saying “Hey, let’s spread some contagion tonight!”

In the businesses that we are in and we depend on here in Killington, the reality is simply that we are in a high risk category.

Shaming individuals or businesses over this? Simply shameful.

Remember the words of John Bradford. Because any one of us could be next, even taking every precaution.

Lou Illiano, Bethel

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