Removing trees threatens property

Dear Editor,

I stopped by Michael Brands’ office Tuesday, Jan. 18, to find out about what is being done about the dangerous situation I am being placed in, with all the trees being cut, removed and butchered along the river bank abutting my home on the Ottauquechee River. Now I have ice blocks the size of trucks washing up on my property and the pasture abutting me. It’s like being Tom Brady without a front line to hold those icebergs out. I am in danger and riparian laws are being broke and not enforced along the Ottauquechee River. Why am I being chased off my property by the State of Vermont and Mosher Construction? This house has been here 100 years and I have lived here for 32. I know this river. I fish it, kayak, my grandkids swim in it. I know the land.

For thousands of years there have been trees along my river bank. Now they are gone for a view. There needs to be a line of big trees re-planted back along that ripped up river bank, not shrubs. What a joke. Someone needs to spend some serious money on big trees. That is not funny but life-threatening.

James Ivan DeRosia, Woodstock

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