Dear Editor,

I have a serious question for the town on an issue that has been left out of the Town Report — in fact it never made it into the financials of the 2014 Town Report, but is clearly stated in the Auditor’s Report. On page 9 of the Audior’s Report it states that the FEMA debt was $815,491 as of Dec. 31, 2014. I’ve searched the 2014 Town Report with no luck finding it. One would think an item of this magnitude would be included.

Please explain why.

Another question for the town and admin

While reading page 11 of The Auditor’s Report by RHR Smith & Company states that the current amount in the  unassigned fund balance is $585,562, which they go on to say is insufficient:

“The Town’s unassigned fund balance has fallen below a level sufficient to sustain government operations for a period of approximately two months. However, the Town continues to maintain significant reserves for future operations, capital and program needs. The current year’s increase was due to revenues receipted in excess of budget.”

What are the town’s plans to correct this and get to a level of sufficient funding? How many months is sufficient? And what dollar amount would that be?

Jim Haff, Killington

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