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Vermont regulators approve pioneering GMP energy storage program

Green Mountain Power (GMP) customers now have two new home battery programs they can enroll in starting on June 5, after a Vermont Public Utility Commission order issued late Wednesday, May 20. GMP’s Tesla Powerwall and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs are both modeled on the company’s popular and groundbreaking pilot programs that have shown proven cost savings for all GMP customers, while providing convenient and seamless back up power to participating customers during outages.

GMP is the first utility in the country to get tariff approval to offer customers these types of programs.

“Team Vermont is again leading the way in home energy storage, and we’re so glad to be able to help grow this green economy by working together with our customers and partners in energy innovation in Vermont,” said Mari McClure, GMP’s president and CEO. “This work to drive down costs for all customers and increase resiliency and safety is always important but is highlighted even more now during this extraordinary time. We are pleased to offer affordable energy storage solutions for more residential customers in a way that saves money for all GMP customers,” she said.

GMP’s BYOD tariff, developed in partnership with solar companies and Renewable Energy Vermont (REV), offers up to $10,500 in upfront incentives to customers purchasing their own batteries through local installers. At least 500 customers can enroll each year, up to five MW of stored energy annually. Customers can choose from several battery brands, and the amount of stored power they enroll determines the amount of their upfront savings. Customers enrolled in this program also help to lower costs for all GMP customers by providing access to stored energy during peak demand times.

GMP’s Powerwall tariff allows up to 500 customers to enroll each year in the program. They will pay $55 per month for two Powerwall batteries in a 10-year lease which covers standard installation, with the option of five more years at no additional cost. Customers can alternatively pay $5,500 up front if they choose. Customers also agree to share their stored energy with GMP during peak energy use times, which helps to lower costs for all GMP customers. Combined, the BYOD and Powerwall programs are projected to create millions of dollars in savings for all GMP customers.

Megan Cannuci of Proctor, has a Powerwall and was grateful during the severe Halloween storm last year. “We have four kids, and having that battery backup is peace of mind. We were the only home around with the lights still on, and the neighbors all came over. This is an affordable option for families,” she said.

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