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Wishing ‘Stew’ a happy 60th birthday

Dear Editor,

After 10 years out of the limelight, one of Killington’s greatest just might be preparing for the most epic return to the main stage this country has ever seen.

You’ve heard whispers in the pubs, you’ve read rumors on social media, and maybe you’ve even caught what you thought was a glimpse of him on the slopes, but by and large, about 10 years ago, Stew and his “cookin” have been out of the papers and out of the limelight without even the occasional guest appearances on TV. Did he retire? Did he move? Is he simmering in “stealth mode” waiting for his comeback? With nearly a decade out of sight, his fans want answers as rumors have been running rampant. Some say he’s been in Europe heli-skiing off the coast of Switzerland. Others suspect there may have been a controversy causing a loss of sponsorship and media exposure. And some have speculated he attempted to explore a new trail on a powder day and has been camping there ever since. But so far, all evidence has been purely speculative and the lure has been growing by the day.

But in recent days, just as fans everywhere have started to suspect he’s done with the fame for good, there’s been increasing reports of whiplash on the chairlifts from people trying to keep up with a “skier who’s ‘cookin.’” After nearly 10 years, is there a simmer in the air?

It wasn’t easy, but with a bit of determination, we managed to track down his agent at, of all places, the local pickleball court, and she agreed to an exclusive interview. “All I can say is, where there’s smoke there’s fire,” she offered with a wink and smirk on her face. “It’s been a nice break from the paparazzi, but you can’t keep a star from being a star, so all I’ll say for now is you may want to alert the newspapers and channel 14 this week.”

And with that, while nothing is confirmed, all signs indicate that Stew is back! So if you have a keen eye, keep an eye out for a green jacket, orange boots, and a light green helmet, and you just might catch a glimpse this weekend. And if you do, be sure to let him know you’re a fan and wish him a happy 60th birthday.

Rex Gelb,


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